Trans Resister Radio - first 100 podcast episodes

Trans Resister Radio, the first 100 episodes mp3 files, digital download (2.25 GB zip file)

The first 100 episodes of Trans Resister Radio are available here as a digital download. When you buy this item you will receive a zip file containing 100 unique mp3 files.

Each podcast is around an hour long, so this download is roughly 100 hours worth of material. A great way to support Aaron's work, and to help him continue producing new episodes of the podcast.

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Trans Resister Radio, the first 100 episodes


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Digital Download features

The first 100 episodes of Trans Resister Radio span a huge range of topics. There are many great interviews and solo podcasts featuring Aaron's research and commentary. Several podcast series are part of this package including Under the Sun an exploration of the Mystery Tradition, Virtually There questioning the digital age we live in, and the Alt Media series of interviews with various alt media producers.




List of all 100 podcast episodes

episode 1, hive mind global consciousness
Trans Resister Radio, w/ guest Professor Corey Anton
Trans Resister Radio, w/ guest Lenon Honor
Trans Resister Radio, w/ guest James Corbett
Mormon Transhumanists and their Millenium
Infinite Waters (Ralph Smart) on Trans Resister Radio, Tryathon novel
Brain Implants and Bohemian Philosophy
Ed Walker of Black Helicopter Radio on Trans Resister Radio
Galactic Moustache interview on Trans Resister Radio
Under the Sun, episode 1: An Introduction
Hivemind1984 the occult control system of our world, Trans Resister Radio interview
Under the Sun episode 2: The Creation Myths
Under the Sun episode 3: Isis and the Virgin Birth
Under the Sun episode 4: Hermes Trismegistus
Tracy R. Twyman, The Alchemy of Money, Trans Resister Radio interview
Under the Sun episode 5: The Numbers 3 and 4, The Trinity and The Four Corners of Creation
Thomas Sheridan, Our Emerging Mythos, Trans Resister Radio interview
Avoiding Mob Mentality and Groupthink
Going Beyond the Dialectic
Looking Into the Future
The True 2012 Ascension
Inspiration for the New Year
Rebecca and Roman of Spectral Intelligence Solutions on Trans Resister Radio
Gjellochio, the green and blobular brainchild of Matt Richards, interview Trans Resister Radio
Michael Anthony Alberta, Dynamic Body Art, transhumanism, and going against the grain, Trans Resister Radio interview
David McGowan, Military Industrial Entertainment in Laurel Canyon, Trans Resister Radio interview
Galactic Wacko interview, Trans Resister Radio
Thomas Sheridan, Breaking the Babylon Mind interview, Trans Resister Radio
Suggested Reading, and How to Read - A Brief Guide to Knowledge Seekers
Virtually There - episode 1 The Human Malaise
Virtually There - episode 2 The Dark Side of Internet
Virtually There - episode 3 Anti-Culture and the Perfected Mass Man
Mark Knight, The Reemergence of Man interview
Virtually There - episode 4 Safety and Security are the Ties That Bind
Trans Resister Radio podcast #35
Virtually There - episode 5 The Epic Clash of Creeds
Virtually There - episode 6 Marketed Minds
George Hunt, History of Rothschild's UNCED Bank, interview
Daniel Wood, on Maurice Strong "The Wizard of the Baca Grande" revisited, interview
Tom Secker, The Grand Theater of the Security State, interview
Alex Ansary, Remaining Outside the Box, interview
Tom Secker, Creating Our Own Culture, interview
Stefano, Programmed to Kill/Satanic Cover-up, interview
Darkness Within and Out
Stefano, Programmed to Kill/Satanic Cover-up, second interview
Tom Secker, Frankenstein Feminism and Transhumanism, interview
Masters of Delusion
Christopher Dorner, Lasting Concerns and Issues of Accountability
Robin Eubanks, What We Are Not Told About Common Core Curriculum, interview
Aaron's Personal Story
Getting at the Truth, Radical Revolutionary Rhetoric
Tom Secker, Secrets, Spies and 7/7 interview
Sousveillance, Ai, AGI, and Singularity
Book Notes, Saint Germain on Alchemy
Book Notes, Saint Germain on Alchemy part 2
Joe Szimhart, Summit Lighthouse and Cults in General
Dr Scott de Hart, Shelley Unbound, interview
Thomas Sheridan, Automated Civilization, interview
Mrs Mel Gibson, Orwell's Dream, interview
Darryl Sloan, Here and Now, interview
Cloud Atlas, Adam GTG interview
Cloud Atlas, part II Adam GTG interview
Not So Skeptical 9/11 Skeptics
Joseph Atwill, Covert Messiah, interview
Changing Ideas of Family
The Ruling Elite: Are They Evil?
China's Global Status Rises
Pacific Rim film review with Adam
Reflektor, Arcade Fire album review
Matt Richards, Gjenkem Series, interview
Reflektor, Disc 2 review Arcade Fire album
Alternative Media Interview Series Introduction
James Corbett Interview, Alt Media Series
Guy Evans Interview, Alt Media Series
Roundtable Discussion on Video Game Addiction
Henrik Palmgren Interview, Alt Media Series
Trans Resister Radio update, behind the scenes, and youtube gripes
Alex Ansary Interview, Alt Media Series
Lexie Kahanovitz interview, Super Fun Show with Learning, Alt Media Series
Guillermo Jimenez Interview, Alt Media Series
James Evan Pilato Interview, Alt Media Series
Tom Secker Interview, Alt Media Series
Adam Miller interview, Perception is Reality documentary video
Adam of interview, Alt Media Series
Death of Dave Brockie, History of Consciousness, Huxley's Visionary Experience Lecture
Kurzweil, Ken Jennings, and Silicon Valley
Pearse Redmond interview, Dissecting American Foreign Policy
Indio CA, Home of the Octopus
Jack Blood interview, Alt Media Series
The Lord of the Rings, Occult and Esoteric interpretation, book notes
Adam Miller interview, Perception of Beauty - Shock Art
Dave McGowan interview, Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon
Fire in the Minds of Men, book notes
Tom Secker Interview, Humanarchy
Fire in the Minds of Men, book notes part 2
Fire in the Minds of Men, book notes part 3
Fire in the Minds of Men, book notes part 4
Southern Calfornia Life
Plato's Symposium an Occult Myth of Androgyny
Sensors Everywhere and Demonizing Russia
Trans Resister Radio Hundredth Episode Spectacular


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