Under the Sun podcast series, episodes 6-10, Trans Resister Radio

The second episode series of Under the Sun is available on Trans Resister Radio. Here, Aaron continues talking about the ancient Mystery Tradition. Episode 6 begins with the Absolute beginning principle of Ain Soph, the Void, or unmanisfested light of occult lore. From there different characters, symbols and occult concepts are brought all the way to our modern day. Listen to each episode here.


episode 6: Nothing at All

episode 7: Saturn the Foundation Stone of the Great Work

episode 8: Osiris the Dying God

episode 9: Sub Rosa

episode 10: Shades of Grey



topics include: occult studies, mind, madness, transcendence, mortality, death, nothing, philosophy, the Absolute, the Void, Ain Soph, unmanifested light, Kabbalah, creation, mystery,  esoteric, creation myths, secret societies, observer, looking at things from different angles, Saturn, Cosmic Mind, Ain Soph, creation myths, light and dark, black, father god, golden age, Uranus, heaven and earth, form, matter, Caaba stone, stone, rock, Mineral Kingdom, Great Work, foundation, bone, rough ashlar, alchemy, putrefaction, death, Grim Reaper, scythe, harvest, seed, time, bell, square, cube, androgyny, Urania, goddess, male and female creative principles, Crone, the Destroyer, nature, law, spirit, light, motion, vibration, life, atoms, sound, skeleton, evolution, Osiris, mneumonic memory, science, transhumanism, the Osirian Cycle, eternal life, Osiris, green, Plant Kingdom, evolution, regeneration, light, photosynthesis, sun, son, architecture, logic and reason, the Dying God, Typhon, nature, 14 pieces, Isis, sister wife, Saturn, matter, life light and heat, spirit intellect and matter, degeneration, death, feminine, masculine, Ra, Cosmic Mind, divine incest, Horus, exoteric, occult, esoteric, 13, lunar calendar, sacred lunar numbers, Sublunar Sphere, spirit, form, golden phallus, idol, creative power, alchemy, Lost Word, Opening of the Mouth, Dionysus, Green Man, body, eschatology, evolution, symbols, language, rose, elements, mystique, secret societies, Rosicrucians, Rosy Cross, hidden in plain sight, adepts, mind games, perception, subjectivity, objectivity, exposes, Confessio Fraternitatis, anonymity, initiates, Francis Bacon, William Shakespeare, public narrative, literature, metaphor, Freemasonry, operative Masonry, speculative Masonry, Manly P Hall, Free and Accepted Masons, Masonic Orders of Fraternity, plan, the Method, Invisible Empire, history falsified, Society of Astrologers, Royal Society, Enlightenment Europe, cabale of state, politicians, charlatans, Saint Germain, Andy Kaufman, Great Work, world revolution, theocracy, the Fall, Lucifer, Adam, the Fall of Man, philosophic empire, rose, popular music, color, adages, cliches, occult, esoteric, night, dark, gray, evil, ignorance, chaos, Abyss, creation myths, Prima Materia, death, imagination, experiencing death, Midnight Sun, light, sun, unable to describe, confusion, loss of conviction, faith, Norse mythology, Tolkien, Grey Havens, contradiction, duality, nondualism, Mystery Tradition, religion, truth, riddles, Freemasonry, secret societies, revolutionaries, monarchy, church, state, General Reformation, Francis Bacon, John Dee, 007, American founding fathers, chivalric orders of Freemasonry, Duke of Kent, drama, theater, heroes, villains, Royal Society, science, Catholic Church, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Gnosticism, Bible, reactionary public, Alchemy, enlightenment, rule of minority, transhuman project, war within secret societies, Revelation of the Method, 1919, mass initiation ritual, unveiling, post apocalypse, movies


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