Virtually There ep9, Media, TRR#164


Virtually There continues as Aaron talks a bit about media, and its role within the chaotic world we find ourselves in today. 

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topics include: media, politics, lack of philosophy, med prefix, in the middle, opposing forces, occult principles, Gemini and Libra Zodiac signs, Hermes, mind, consensus reality, information overload, cognitive dissonance, confusion, hyperreality, reality of immaterial things, metaphysics, Fool, materialism, documentary, media bias, right and left wing, slogans, staying relevant, alternative media, questioning everything, truth, tearing apart, destroy and rebuild,  Freemasons in need of new members, meta conspiracy, storyteller, angry mob, search for identity, esoteric circles, conserving energy, detachment 

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Musical Accompaniment

Jerkin' Back 'n' Forth, by DEVO