Hate Politics, Right-Wing Extremism, and Racism Rising in the Alternative Media

These podcast episodes follow the rise of the radical right within alternative media. Thinly veiled racism, Nazi sypathy, and fascist ideas have lept onto the conspiracy/alternative scene in a big way. Listen to Aaron talk about this on his own and with some of his friends in guest interviews and roundtable discussions. 


Alternative History X, Hate Politics Rising Within the Alt Media, TRR#112

Dave McGowan interview, Why racism, and why now? TRR#113

Nazi Sympathy and Racism in Alt Media, Roundtable discussion with Thomas Sheridan, Tom Secker, Adam and Aaron, TRR#121


topics include: hate within the alternative media, race politics, white supremacy, Nazi sympathy, depression, self destruction, standing on your own, no affiliations, hypothetical futures, destroying the Truth Movement, documentary filmmaking, Alex Jones, clip videos, transhumanism, future of resistance movements, reactionary groups, violence, not falling into traps, defending your mind, racism, fascism, alternative media, Facebook, Michael Brown, Bill Cosby, sexual abuse, race politics, racial tension, mainstream media, Ferguson MO, protests, police shootings, agent provocateurs, Cliven Bundy, divide and conquer, social isolation, internet, television, mobile devices, extremist ideologies, social media, right-wing politics, Understanding the F Word, war, talking points, hypocrisy, extreme haunted houses, torture as entertainment, dark trends in society, legalized crime, culture of violence, anti heroes, racism, alternative, Truth Movement, psychology, frustration, psychic energy, Russell Brand, Adolf Hitler, National Socialism, midlife crisis, no resolution, masculine and feminine, dialectic, far right politics, Nazi Sympathy, revisionist history, personal values, obsession with disaster, sincerity, drug addiction, White Nationalism, division, mainstream recognition, self destruction, complexity, human nature, dogma, simple identity, reassessing self, need to belong, extended adolescence, The Greatest Story Never Told, emotive music, Hallmark commercial for Third Reich, Transformers score, WW2, narrative, Stalingrad, German people, Poland, distorted logic, truth documentaries, futurism, Nazi flying saucers, Nazi Bell, propaganda, Goebbels, taking allegory as literal, cults, ideals, synchronicity, Walpurgis Night, confronting history, ideological vacuum, idealizing the past, virility, doublethink, confusion, Nuremburg Racial Laws, play the victim, race politics, slavery, preserving culture, multiculturalism, cultural laws, authoritarian government, complexity, sectarianism, Downfall film


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