Suggested Websites and Downloadable Documents

etymonline - Online etymology website 

The Georgia Guidestones Guidebook - For anyone who still cares about this, read this fascinating book printed by the company that was commissioned to build the monument

Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance - Report by NSF and DOC from their 2001 conference. This features heavily in The Age of Transitions video, and is as important a read today than ever before.

Postgenderism: Beyond the Gender Binary - White paper by IEET fellows J. Hughes, and G. Dvorsky


Friends and Fellow Media Producer's Websites

Spy Culture - Website of Tom Secker. Great articles and documents detailing state sponsorship of movies, television, and other popular culture. Home of the ClandesTime podcast

Porkins Policy Review - Website of Pearse Redmond. Seriously informed and unique social commentary and geopolitical analysis. Home of the podcast Porkins Policy Radio.

The Ochelli Effect - Great internet radio show covering "alternative" topics made with honesty and integrity by host, Chuck Ochelli. 


Aaron's other podcast websites

Themes and Memes - Home of the movie review podcast hosted by Adam and Aaron. The show features analysis of culture creation, predictive programming, state sponsorship, and occult ideas in major motion pictures. 

Uncle (the podcast) - The comedy podcast that Aaron cohosts with his Uncle-in-law, Uncle John. Take a break, take a listen, and have a laugh.