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Thursday, 21 February 2013 05:01

Robin Eubanks,


Robin Eubanks of is the guest on this episode of Trans Resister Radio. Robin has been exploring the hidden truth lying behind Common Core educational policies for the 21st century. Not only are students' emotions being played to, but the actual goal of this educational scheme is behavior modification. Robin's knowledge spans a huge range of interconnected topics. This is an amazingly informative interview that you won't want to miss.


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Topics include: education, schools, classroom,  regulations, discrepancy between rhetoric and actual policy, Common Core curriculum, global warming, education as vehicle for economic and social transformation, National Research Council, CCSCI, tech companies sponsoring state education branches, federal grants, federal control over states, nationwide standardization, altering values beliefs feelings and behaviors, regular performance reviews, 21st century learning, less text books, focus on emotional reaction not abstract thinking, instilling acceptance of major social transformation, college ready, career ready, communitarian, behavior modification disguised as education, concepts of oppression racism and sustainability pushed, Constitutional separation of powers, mercantilism, media learning, cyber learning, digital learning, knowledge within computers not human minds, abstract symbol systems, phonetic print, math, expansion of imagination, video games, Innosight, digital learning not just interacting with print, massive online computer gaming a focus for the classroom, cybernetics, National Science Foundation, MIT,  distinction between people and machines, behavioral sciences, experimental curriculum put into practice, Belmont Challenge, Planet Under Pressure conference, Future Earth Alliance, changing Western civilization, away from individualism, US Global Climate Research Program, USGCRP, schools used to indoctrinate anthropomorphic climate change idea, SENCER, Gates Foundation, Cisco, Intel, Microsoft, UNESCO, World Bank, OECD, Pierson, Texas, outcomes based education, public private partnerships, no growth future, quality of life society, local school boards made powerless, accreditors, noetic evolution.



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