Minor Technical Difficulties, TRR will be back soon

by Aaron Franz

May 24, 2016


Hello TRR listeners. This is a quick message to let you know why I have not released a new episode since the 11th of this month. My microphone is currently broken and in the shop (my garage) awaiting repair. Fixing the mic should be easy enough, and when it is back up and running so too will the podcast. The Virtually There series will continue with some material that you aren't likely to hear many other places on planet Earth. So please remain patient and watch the feed for the next episode. I've been adding the podcast to some new podcast apps like Google Play and TuneIn, so there are more ways to listen then ever before.

Despite my infrequent podcasting I have been getting a lot of good support lately in the form of book orders etc. Thank you so much for your help. The money from your orders goes toward keeping this website and the podcast feed up and running. It also buys small electronics parts and soldering tools for when Aaron has to repair his microphone. 

If you need something to listen to during the TRR lull then check out old episodes of TRR, or those of my other two podcasts Themes and Memes, and Uncle (the podcast). Until next time...


...seeker seek on