Sex and the Evolution of Ideas

by  Aaron Franz


first posted August 18, 2009


Recently, I have been thinking about the topic of postgenderism in regard to our perception of sexuality itself.  The collective human view of sex has undergone much change throughout the ages.  Although much of this change has been subtle, its profound influence cannot be ignored.  How is it that we have reached a point in which postgenderism is a respected concept worthy of scientific consideration?  Consider this... 


In the ancient world the sex act itself was observed with a profound spiritual reverence.  The fertility of the human race was intimately connected with that of the earth itself.  The natural act of regeneration was apparent in all forms of life in this world.  The regeneration of the entire human race was contingent on the physical bond between man and woman.  This physical bond was complimented by a powerful emotional bond that went beyond both the man and the woman.  It extended itself to the whole human race.  The natural product of natural marriage is children, and the progression of the collective human family.  Natural human bonding requires no marriage contract as it is based on the perpetuation of life itself.  Unconditional love requires a degree of reverence toward our very nature that has been lost somewhere in time.


The profound importance of regeneration has never fully faded from sight, as it is rooted in human instinct, but as the ages have progressed the reverence of the sex act itself has shifted a good deal.  Our religious depictions of the world have in one way or another always revolved around the act of regeneration.  It would be impossible for them not to, as our existence as a species is tied to this force of nature.  As the old saying goes "the devil is in the details," because even slight modifications in our attitudes toward sex go a long way in altering our existence.


The most tangible example of this would have to be what we have witnessed in modern times.  Our attitudes toward sex have undergone rapid change within a fairly short amount of time.  Think about 1950s America, and its attitudes toward sex.  During this time the elder's conservative view on "love and marriage" was contrasted with the steady erosion of old taboos among the youth.  For the most part the older generation taught their children about sex in a very strict manner.  The sex act itself was coupled with a set of strict guidelines.  No one was to do it without first going through the legal process of marriage.  Anyone deviating from this norm was to feel great shame, and be shunned by civilization.  Beyond this the mere mention of sexuality was seen as distasteful, and so the subject of human procreation went largely unmentioned.  The imposition of these regulations upon the youth caused great conflict between the generations, as the youth were meant to feel ashamed of a completely natural process.  Harsh sexual rules fueled the fire of rebellion within young hearts.  They sought out ways of liberating themselves from this frustrating situation.  Sure enough, liberation came conveniently prepackaged in the form of popular culture.  The old cliche of rock and roll's corruptive influence is certainly true, if only partially.  The "sexual revolution" of the 1960's took the rigid value system of the past generation and turned it on its head.  "Free love" was seen as an escape from the harsh confines of the old value system.  Pent up sexual energy found a release in the flower powered orgy of the hippy movement.  The general idea of feeling good was promoted with the proliferation of recreational drugs.  This represented a major change in attitudes as we collectively walked through the "Doors of Perception."


As the decades have passed our ideas of sex have continued along a steady path of change.  The baby boomer generation is now old, and their liberal sensibilities toward sex have allowed a relaxed laissez-faire attitude toward further sexual revolution.  Sex itself is increasingly associated with pure recreation (not creation.)  It has become a form of mere entertainment.  The ecstasy of sexual intercourse has been perverted toward the ends of pure pleasure.  The utilitarian aspect is of course still there, if it weren't we would not be here, but overall the idea of what sex is has been altered significantly.  It has become a casual event.  The concept of "casual sex" was explicitly promoted in the 1990s.  This was complimented by a barrage of popular culture which depicted the "lighter side" of sex.  Think of your favorite 1990s sitcom, because nearly all of these programs are guilty.  They deployed a rapid-fire assault of one-liners and humorous situations.  As casual sex was casually depicted time and again sex itself became an afterthought, a joke of its own.  What this means to the human race as a whole cannot be understated.


The spiritual aspect of sexual regeneration has been corrupted.  We have lost touch with the very roots of our existence.  I am not calling for a return to pagandom, or any other specific religious practice.  What I am saying is that we have to come to terms with what we've allowed to happen.  We have to think about what sex actually is.  There is no need to fear it.  The truth requires that we embrace the reality of what we are with love.  Unconditional love can be regained, but we have to learn to see through our fabricated conditions and contracts.  We must also be honest about the way in which we have degraded our very existence.  Spiritual reverence of regeneration is the key to our collective survival as a species.  There is no need to feel ashamed about what has been done.  Instead let us face the facts with unflinching honesty.  Our strength lies in the ability to forgive ourselves.


Postgenderism represents the future of a race which has given up on its own nature.  It is a REcreation of a divine creation.  Ideas have profound effect in the material world.  The idea that human life is not good enough in its current form is now gaining very serious steam.  This anti-human philosophy WILL lead to a posthuman future if we choose to adhere to its doctrines.  The artificial womb will be introduced in due time.  It will be presented as a better way to procreate.  If we further the trend of seeking pure pleasure from sex (not to mention new sorts of drugs and high tech stimulators), then we may opt to use artificial wombs out of pure convenience as we further seek to "liberate" ourselves from all forms of pain and displeasure.  In the process, our male and female genders will lose their significance and we will slowly TRANSform into new entities.  This is the transhuman process of REcreation.  Is it any wonder that it depends upon the further development of recreational activity?  What is the deep meaning behind the phrase "have a good time?"


  Conception leads to birth

Concepts are the seeds of the mind...



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