The Georgia Guidstones and their manufactured prophecy

by Aaron Franz

first posted Wednesday, 13 April 2011


I recently recorded two episodes of Trans Resister Radio about the Georgia Guidestones. You can listen to them here: part 1part 2

In this special presentation I talk about a book published by the Elberton Granite Finishing Co. Inc., the actual company that built the Guidestones. You can download the entire book (a mere 50 pages) as a pdf

As I said on Trans Resister Radio, the Georgia Guidestones are being used to perpetuate the ideals of a purposely mysterious secret society. The stones are true alchemical talismans, which sounds ominous and spooky, but only if you are unfamiliar with alchemy. The alchemical process is all about the intelligent use of mind to shape matter. Its sole purpose is to harness the creative power of consciousness, and direct it toward specific goals. By meticulously designing a stone monument (that is astronomically aligned) these unseen alchemists have created a foundation that will stand the test of time. They know that people will be instantly struck by a sense of awe when they view these stones. That is why they chose a stone monument to stamp their controversial ideas into.

The "sponsors" of the Guidestones had this to say about their secrecy,

  "the group feels by having our identity remain secret, it will not distract from the monument and its meaning." ... "We have chosen to remain anonymous in order to avoid debate"

The sponsors claim that the purpose of their monument is to bring about an "age of reason." The big question to ask here is; if your goal is to ring in an age of reason, then why not come out and openly debate your case? If it is so reasonable, then surely it would not be a hard sell. The real problem that the sponsors face is in garnering acceptance for their particular belief system/ brand of logic. According to them an orderly reduction of the current human population down to 500 million is necessary. The implications of this are earth-shattering.

The sponsors said,

  "In 1980, as these stones were being raised, the most pressing world problem was the need to control human numbers. In recent centuries technology and abundant fuels have made possible a multiplication of humanity far beyond what is prudent or long sustainable. Now we can foresee the impending exhaustion of those energy sources and the depletion of world reserves of many vital raw materials. Controlling our reproduction is urgently needed."

This quote runs parallel to the rhetoric of the Club of Rome, the "not-for-profit organization" that is frequently commissioned by the United Nationsto write up policy making guidelines. The concept of "sustainability" was conceived by the Club of Rome in the 1970s, and put into practice by the UN Agenda 21 in 1992. Looking at the Club of Rome, the UN, their agendas, and their membership lists, one sees the same buzz-words, goals, and names recur again and again. The core of their mission is the concept that humanity is the greatest threat to the earth itself. Using this dark philosophy as their ammunition the Club of Rome, the UN, and other NGOs (with the same core group of elite members) have proceeded to carry out a vicious and invisible war, a war of ideas. Their main strategic goal is to demoralize their enemy. You, the average human being (especially the average American) are their enemy. Their method involves convincing you to destroy yourself, and viciously fight your own neighbor.

All of the same ideas, values, and even buzz-words used by the Club of Rome, UN, and other NGOs that are pushing sustainable developmentare seen here in the Georgia Guidestones book. All that is missing are the familiar names. No one knows who the sponsors of the Guidestones may be, but whoever they are, they sure must be fans of the Club of Rome and other big NGOs. The overarching goals of these institutions is to bring about a system of global "governance" in which all human activity is strictly regulated in order to save the earth. There is a very real "spiritual" agenda tied in with this as well, which has to do with the promotion of Gaia (earth) worship.

The sponsors said this,

  "It is very probable that humanity now possesses the knowledge needed to establish an effective world government.  In some way that knowledge must be widely seeded in the consciousness of all mankind. 


The approaching crisis may make mankind willing to accept a system of world law... With such a system we could eliminate war."

Again, these passages read verbatim from the Club of Rome and related organizations' reports, books, and member's public statements. A great site to go for more info on the Club of Rome is

The depopulation and earth worship aspects of the Georgia Guidestones are already well known, as are the monument's similarities to the UN agenda and current global warming campaign of fear. Now I would like to outline a very interesting point about the Guidestones that I haven't heard anyone else discuss.

A Living New Language
The ties between global warming propaganda, sustainable development, and advanced technology are not well understood. On the surface, it seems as though sustainability and technology are diametrically opposed to each other, with big name globalists such as Maurice Strong repeatedly calling for the collapse of the industrialized world in order to prevent disaster. So how does technology fit into their green agenda?

For one thing, computer models are used to substantiate claims that the world is on the verge of an irreversible ecological crisis. Computer models are used time and again in this way, and top global warming alarmists go out of their way to advance IT even further so that it may be used to promote awareness of climate change. Al Gore is a prime example of this, as he has repeatedly advocated the use of supercomputing to save the environment. Legislation penned by Gore in 1988 was meant to "establish a high-capacity national research computer network, develop and distribute software, develop artificial intelligence programs" You can learn much more about this point by reading the AGI Manhattan Project article from ignoranceisfutile.

Many major international technology projects are now being promoted under the auspice of saving the earth from Global Warming. Key projects include NASA's planetary skin, HP's CEntral Nervous System for the Earth (CENSE), and Europe's Future ICT Living Earth Simulator.  These projects require powerful AI systems to operate efficiently. This is how high technology, and even the technological Singularity tie into sustainable development. Note the word development. It connotes forward progress. The real question here is: where are we headed and who is guiding us there?

When it comes to the Georgia Guidestones, one of its ten guides is of particular significance. The third guide reads as follows,

Unite humanity with a living new language;

This ideal new language is specifically described as living. This is certainly a strange way to describe words, so what is the implication here? I believe that this guide actually refers to machine enabled synthetic telepathy. In other words, communication via brain implants and other advanced technologies. This is something that transhumanists speak about and promote frequently. Kevin Warwick is constantly pushing this concept in his media interviews. Consider this quote,

"I think by 2100 we're going to see people able to communicate between each other by thought signals alone, so no more need for telephones, old fashioned signalling, we'll be able to think to each other via implants." link  

Warwick has parroted this point on many occasions, as evidenced by these links: 1, 2, 3, 4 (video), 5 (video)

Direct brain to brain communication via implantable microchips, and possibly even a "hive mind" grid of technologically networked human beings could enable the "living new language" of the Georgia Guidestones. I believe that this was actually what the sponsors had in mind when they built their monument. Consider this very interesting line that comes directly from the Guidestones' sponsors,

"We suggest that scholars throughout the world begin now to establish a new basis upon which later generations can develop a totally new universal language for men and machines. It will be adapted to our speech mechanisms, and to the language faculties and patterns impressed in our nervous systems." (read this quote on page 21 of the Georgia Guidestones booklet)

For men and machines, you say? Remember that this piece was written in 1981. The idea put forth was to have academics create a high tech language that is actually adapted to our nervous systems (brains). This is exactly what Professor Kevin Warwick is talking about today. Is this a coincidence, or does someone know something that we don't know?

The Georgia Guidestones were designed to be prophetic. Prophecy holds a mystical connotation that strikes awe into the common person. Again, this psychological effect can be achieved by design. The sponsors of the Guidestones were clearly globalist insiders who knew full well where the world was to be steered. This prophetic knowledge was gained simply by the fact that they were involved in drawing up the plans. It seems fairly obvious that they also held advanced knowledge in science and technology. This is the simplest and most logical way to explain any (accurate) prophetic work: it comes from those who are already two steps ahead of the rest of us.


All major global trends are now converging. Although they appear to be at odds, high technology (leading up to the Singularity) and the sustainability agenda are meant to eventually merge. This is how the dialectic always works. You begin with two apparent polar opposites and end with one consolidated whole.

Many of the technologies being promoted by Singularity spokesman clearly have very green qualities to them. Think about this, virtual worlds and teleconferencing are already promising to change the travel industry. Instead of flying to a business meeting on the other side of the country you could simply attend a virtual meeting from the comfort of your own home. The green advantage here is that you lower your "carbon footprint," by not flying on a plane. As fuel prices continue to go up (artificially) the incentive to restrict travel will grow. This will combine with increasing propaganda telling us all about how we can be more green by entering virtual worlds.

Taking this concept a bit further, it seems likely that advanced virtual realities will be championed as sustainable development success stories. A virtual world that provides all the fun of the real world with none of the carbon. People will be encouraged to live inside machines to conserve energy. A single computer could potentially house the lives of infinite "uploaded" people, and possibly brand new sentient AI programs. Is this starting to sound a bit too much like Tron?

Many other converging technologies hold green appeal, but I won't get into any more details here. What you need to remember is that there is purpose in this world, and that very real plans for your future were drawn up long ago. This point can be validated by breaking down the many and varied "prophecies" that we have been inundated with during this age of transitions.