By Aaron Franz


first posted Mon. April 20, 2009


In an interesting move, the World Transhumanist Association has recently begun referring to themselves as Humanity+, or H+ for short. Their new slogan is "better than well."

"We support the development of and access to new technologies that enable everyone to enjoy better minds, better bodies and better lives. In other words, we want people to be better than well. "

This new name is certainly a PR move, although that is not surprising as the entire job of the WTA has been public relations from the start (although they won't tell you this straight out). Implantable brain chips are extremely threatening to the average person. This is of course because they could give neurologists the ability to reprogram individual minds remotely. To be afraid of this is a natural reaction based on our natural will to survive. The WTA is here to lower your guard by persuading you to believe that the application of converging technologies will be ultimately beneficial. Who would want to reprogram your mind anyway? Brush off those worries and get with the times.
this is a video that i made focussing on the PR role of transhumanism:

So why the name change? Probably because the terms transhuman, and posthuman are so disturbing that they cannot be properly spun. By their very design the words reference the end of the human race. Humanity+ lightens the transhuman message by telling us that fundamentally we are going to remain human. We can "upgrade" our biology and become better than we were previously, "better than well." What's the harm in that?

H+ is not here to give you a full understanding of transhumanism or it's origins. It is here to present you with an edited version of a completely eugenic philosophy. Let us not forget that the eugenicists of the early 20th century made considerable progress in conditioning the public mind. Transhumanism is picking up where they left off. This time the marketing campaign has been refined and updated. The meticulous study of human psychology has been ongoing and reaching for perfection. The quintessential point of no return is to "evolve" the human species to a point where the mind itself is perfectly designed. To achieve "peace on Earth", by mandating "peace of mind".

Don't worry, this is all for your own good. The "best and brightest" are steering the course and have your best interest in mind. You can go back to bed now. Rest assured, we will be Humanity+